Zakat Donation

The word Zakat means ‘purity’ or ‘to purify’; all Muslims who are wealthy enough, must purify their wealth through the act of giving in charity.

All Ceylon YMMA Conference utilises Zakat funds to help some of the poorest, most needy, and the most destitute people in our community. Your zakat donations gives hope to the poor; that one day and with the help of Allah (swt), they will be zakat givers and not zakat receivers.

All Ceylon YMMA Conference, with a branch network of more than 150 branches in Sri Lanka have set up a separate committee for National Issues and aims at identifying most vulnerable communities throughout the island, subject to oppression and assist them with your support.

Some of Zakat projects of All Ceylon YMMA Conference includes supply of important dry ration and food for needy, Udhiyah (Qurban) sacrifice at the time of Hajj, on the day of Eid al-Adha, distribution of meat to needful families, Fitra rice distribution during the month of Ramadan, financial assistance for young widows specially for self-entrepreneurship,  educational support for orphans and needy, and providing dry ration, essentials at times of critical national situations such disasters and curfew.

Zakat Projects

Annual Fitra Rice Distribution


Dry ration and Food distribution

Drinking water facilities