71st Annual Convention & Annual General Meeting

71st Annual Convention and the Annual General Meeting of All Ceylon YMMA Conference was held on the 20th November 2021 at the Auditorium of Sri Lanka Foundation Institute, #100, Padanama Mawatha, Independence Square , Colombo 7 at 20:30p.m under the chairmanship of National President Mr. Saheed M Rismy.

Hon. M.U.M Ali Sabry PC, MP, Minister of Justice participant as the Chief Guest while Ms. M.J Fathima Rinoosiry, Director of Muslim Service- SLBC participated as the Special Guest at the Annual Convention.

Ms. Fawaza Thaha, President of YMMA was recognized and was awarded the Y Special Award of the year. Y Personality Award of the year was presented to Mr. A.M Nouferm, the Chairman of Koralaipattu Oddamavadi Pradeshiya Sabha for his extraordinary service rendered for COVID related Janaza's.

Members from all affiliated branches attended the Annual Convention during which outstanding branches were assessed on different perspectives for Best Project, Best President/Secretary, outstanding Youth Member Awards and were president Mr. Saheed M. Rismy.

The 71st Annual General Meeting (AGM) of All Ceylon YMMA Conference was held following the Annual Convention from 4.00pm onwards at the Auditorium of Sri Lanka Foundation Institute under the Chairmanship of National President Mr. Saheed M. Rismy. 

Respective from all member YMMA branches, members of the Executive Committee 2020-21, Past National President and Past officials of the year 2021-22 of All Ceylon YMMA Conference. Current National President Mr. Saheed M. Rismy was reelected unanimously for the year 2021-22 as the National President while Mr. Saabir Sawad as also reelected unanimously as the national General Secretary for the year 2021-22. Former National General Treasurer Mr. Ihsaan Hameed was elected the Vice  President and Mr. Fazil Uwais was elected as the National General Treasurer for the year 2021-22. Two vice presidents, five Project Chairmen and ten YMMA branches were elected for the Executive Committee for the year 2021-22. Further, the Patron and the Vice Patrons were appointed at this AGM.

According to the Constitution of All Ceylon YMMA Conference, the first Executive Committee will meet within one month’s period of the AGM date where the National General Treasurer will submit the Annual Budget and the Executive Committee shall appoint Assistant Secretaries and Assistant Treasurer. National President shall allocate subjects for Project Chairmen and Sub-Committee Chairmen as well during this Executive Committee meeting which occurs once a month.