Ceremonial Opening of Y Community Water Projects in Mannar district

Ceremonial Opening of Y Community Water Projects in Mannar district was successfully held on the 23rd of January 2022.

The projects were carried out at 10 locations in this district mainly at Buddhist temples, Christian churches, MOH office, Police Stations and in schools.

The project was implemented under the guidance of National President Mr. Saheed M Rismy with the assistance of YMMA Musali President Mr. Ariff, District Director and the branch members.

The ceremony of handing over was commemorated by planting trees at the same locations by the donors and representatives from SLIC, Mr. MBM Zarook, Mr. Akbar Ali and Mr. Fatha along with Mr. Saheed M Rismy, National President of ACYMMAC.

Buddhist Priests, Police Officers, Reverend Fathers, School Principals, Teachers, Students and villagers also participated at this event.

ACYMMAC water project was introduced by Mr. Nadvi Bahaudeen with the help of his colleagues from the Business Community and the Sri Lanka Islamic Centre also joined in hand to strengthen this noble project. The main vision of the project is the coexistence within the community while providing drinking water to all the communities.

Mannar district was selected due mainly to the harsh living conditions as well as the fact that it experiences dry weather throughout the year. The project sites are listed as below:


1. Project No. M001 Sinhala Gammana Vijayathilaka Viharasthanaya, Vilpattu, Konduchchi, Musali

2. Project No. M002 Kayakkuly Church, Konduchchi, Musali

3. Project No. M003 Kokkupadayan Primary School (RCTMS), Musali

4. Project No. M004 Police Station, Silawathurai

5. Project No. M005 MOH Office, Silawathurai

6. Project No. M006 Valukaramaya Buddhist Temple, Thalaimannar

7. Project No. M007 11th Artillery Regiment, Sri Lanka Army, Thalaimannar

8. Project No. M008 Agape Church, Thalaimannar

9. Project No. M009 GTMS School, Thalaimannar

10.Project No. M010 Philadelphia Church, Thalaimannar

11.Project No. M011 Police Station, Thalaimannar