Youth Empowerment

Aims and Objectives

This pillar of YMMA is focusing on career development, youth entrepreneurship, research, public private partnerships initiatives, youth development, local and foreign trainings.
Through career development, we aim at bringing a new breed of leaders – who are visionary, hungry, committed and passionate about their communities. A committed career orientated youth has ability to end social and economic injustice in their surroundings. Career development programmes are being conducted for the youth across the country throughout the year
Through youth development, we aim at encouraging the youth to take part in various developmental initiatives thereby empowering themselves, bringing back their dignity, confidence, mission, vision, accountability and responsibility.

Future Leaders Programme

All Ceylon Young Men Muslim Association (YMMA) organizes a Youth Development Programme entitled “Future Leaders” annually in Malaysia. This is an initiative to provide the Youth of Sri Lanka the opportunity to explore international relations and expose them to the outside world and to prepare them for future leadership in civil society and Government. Malaysia has been chosen as it is the ideal country, which has made positive progress in all spheres of activity. The Muslims of Sri Lanka look upon Malaysia as a beacon of development and excellence in all its pursuits. The Malaysian experience in many respects can be used as a case study for the rest of Muslim world.
This program organized by YMMA started in 2007 had more than 100 youth participants from all over Sri Lanka. The feedback from the participants are very encouraging and most of them have benefitted from the programs to help them excel in their studies and professional careers. Majority of the participants are now having successful careers and holding leadership roles both in their professional and private lives.

Future Leaders Dialogue

All Ceylon Young Men Muslim Association (YMMA) organizes a Youth Development Programme entitled “Future Leaders Dialogue” annually in Sri Lanka for the undergraduates jointly with the Embassy of United States of America in Sri Lanka. The program had been initiated since the past three years with the motive of empowering the Sri Lankan youth in organizational leadership and enhancing their professional skills. Each program had more than 40 participants from all over the country selected through interviews.
The last year year FLD residential three-days programme was held at the Hectpr Kobbekaduwa Research and Training Institute in Colombo 07. The programme had many sessions on the theme “Innovate, Integrate, Motivate” with experienced professionals conducting each session. The programme also had a panel discussion on the second day of the Dialogue ith the participation of Mr. Fouzul Hamed, Mr. Haris Omar and Mr. Nisthar Cassim as panelists and Mr. Riza Yehiya as the moderator.