What We Do

The All Ceylon YMMA Conference is incorporated by an Act of Parliament No 31 of 1968 and is declared as an Approved Charitable Institution by the Ministry of Finance. During the course of the last 55 years it has served the Muslim community and the country in numerous ways by promoting activities in every field of endeavor while contributing to the building of a healthy, vigorous and intelligent youth movement. It has imbibed into our young men a sense of dedication and service to the community and country. It has provided opportunities and awareness to develop their skills and talents within the framework of Islamic teaching and the culture of our country.

It has spotlighted the poverty and illiteracy among the large sections of our community and endeavored to minimize these by practical and realistic measures in various other ways. It has raised the status of the people of this country in equal terms to build a united, happy peaceful and prosperous Sri Lanka. The All Ceylon YMMA Conference is national in outlook with 102 Branches spread over the length and breadth of Sri Lanka, having its National Headquarters at No 63. Sri Vajiragnana Mawatha, Colombo 09. The central administration with the infra structure facilities handled by permanent staff is also housed at the National Head Quarters.
The Board of Trustees, a Permanent Body under a Chairman comprising of all Past Presidents are the Custodians of all Funds and Assets of the Organization. They are also in charge of the recruitment of the Staff; basically play the role of Advisors. The Key Officials of the Organization the (National President, National Genera! Secretary and the National General Treasurer) are ex— officio Members of the Board of Trustees linking the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees.
The Executive Committee comprises of the National President who is the head of the Organization, the National General Secretary (the Chief Executive Officer), the National General Treasurer, Assistant Secretary, Assistant Treasurer, Eleven member YMMAs (Branches), Eleven Special Members, all of who are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. The Past National Presidents / Past National General Secretaries / Past National Treasurers are Members of the Executive Committee by virtue of office.

The Executive Committee is responsible for the operation and implementation of all activities / Projects and Programs of the Conference.

The main focuses of the Executive Committee’s activities are:
• Education
• Sports
• Health and Anti drugs
• Youth Empowerment
• Social Integration and National Integration advocacy
• Poverty alleviation
• Other activities

The All Ceylon YMMA Conference has its own Constitution. Accordingly the Annual General Meeting democratically elects the Office bearers, Adopts the Annual Report and Accepts the Annual Audited Statement of Accounts.
In YMMA Conference’s 56 years of Service, it has produced 42 National Presidents, adopted 56 Annual Reports and has submitted 54 Audited Statements of Accounts.
The Central Council comprises of the entire Membership and is the Policy making body. The Members of the Central Council also attends the AGM to elect the office bearers.
The All Ceylon YMMA Conference in its plan to decentralize the Administration has established many Regional Administrative Centers under a Regional Director and Regional Chairman to be in charge of the Regional Operations.